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Welcome to Crea Mech

Crea Mech is an independent engineering, consultancy and project delivery company that is specialized in applied mechanics, particularly in the field of mechanics of composite materials and structures. Our main areas of expertise are:

    1. Analytical and numerical analysis of complex mechanical problems

    2. Software development for smart phones, personal computers and cloud computation

    3. Design and optimization of high-performance composite and metallic structures

We are a versatile and committed service provider, helping our customers with their product development and process improvement. Our core values are: Creativity, Energy, Reliability, Openness, Team spirit and Customer focus.

Crea Mech, your collaborative partner.

Our Vision, Mission and Goal


Crea Mech strives to be an innovative solution provider within the composite industry, conducting a range of work from fundamental research to applied technology related to mechanics of composite materials.


It is the mission of Crea Mech is to develop rigorous prediction methodology for the structural performance of composite structures, and bring it into engineering practice, allowing composite designs to be evaluated and optimized in an efficient and cost-effective manner.


Our primary goal is to build a comprehensive composite design tool package step by step, and deliver the software to the composite community along with the best quality service and support.

14 Years of Progress

Since its founding in 2006, Crea-Mech has devoted a significant effort to developing prediction methods for strength characteristics of composite structures. There is also a commercialization process by which technologies and innovations developed in our office make their way to market. The milestones marking progress along the road that has been taken are as follows:


April 2006

Crea Mech was
founded by
K.Y. Huang
& Z. Gao


Analytical modeling
of impact resistance
& damage tolerance
of laminated
composite plates


Analytical modeling
of impact resistance
& damage tolerance
of laminated
cylindrical shells


Energy based
strength analysis
of fibre reinforced
polymer composites


Stress distribution
in orthotropic laminates
with a circular hole


Stress distribution
in pin-loaded
orthotropic laminates


Failure behavior
of mechanically
fastened joints


System architecture
design of
software Crea-Comp


Development of
basic modules
in Crea-Comp


Implementation of
damage analysis
in Crea-Comp


Completion of
laminate modules
& launch of
Crea-Comp Lissa